Unadopted Gyrating Hamsters

Unadopted Gyrating Hamsters

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Gyrating Hamsters Game. Little is known about the darker side of the Hamster World. Feast on the new collection of hamsters left "un-adopted" to fend for themselves in this cruel world. In this twist of the original game, the "Unadopted Version" of Gyrating Hamsters is raunchy, twisted, and somewhat demented. It will leave you and your age 18+ friends howling with laughter, grimacing in disgust, and filled with shock and awe.

  • Contains 8 dice (4 red, 4 blue), and 120 cards
  • The first player to horde 16 total hamsters or 9 from the same clan wins!
  • For ages 18 and up, between 2 to 4 players

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