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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Events

    Yu-Gi-Oh Events run every other Sunday.

    Tournaments are $10.00 entry fee
    Swiss Style

    September 4th 1pm to 4pm

    September 18th 1pm to pm

  • Magic the Gathering Event

    September 2nd Dominaria United Prerelease 7pm to 11pm $35.00

    September 3rd pm to 4pm Dominaria United Jumpstart $25.00

    September 3rd Dominaria United Prerelease 7pm to 11pm $35.00

    September 17th Dominaria United Games Day Sealed Deck 7pm to 11pm $35.00

    October 7th Unfinisty Launch Party Draft 7pm to 11ppm $25.0

    October 15th Store Championship Pioneer Format 7pm - 11pm $5.00

  • Wednesday Night Miniatures

    Miniature Night has a few games that are available We have Warhammer 40K
    Marvel Crisis Protocol
    However you are not limited if you have a 2 Player Miniature Game you want to bring, we can try to find you an opponent.

  • Dungeon & Dragons Sessions

    D&D Session Pre-booked Sunday August 14th 11 - 4pm

    Youth D&D August 22nd 10am to 3pm (Until School starts)

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