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R&R Games



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Ages 14+       3 - 8 Players         30 Min

Players take turns giving clues to words given to them by the electronic Thingamajig. You score a point for every player who correctly guesses your word. But if everyone gets it, you score nothing.

From back of box:
Looking for a Hilarious Party Game That everyone can Play?

Then whip out your Thingamajig! Press the Thingamajig's button and it reveals your secret Thingamaword... Everyone wants to know what it is... AND you've got to clue them in... except you really don't want EVERYONE to know...

It's a fresh, fast moving game where you gotta BLUFF a little, STRETCH the truth a tad, make it sound like it's probably THIS, but maybe it's THAT! The Thingamajig comes with it's own Thingamabrain containing thousands of words so you can play with your Thingamajig over and over again! It's portable, so you can take your Thingamajig everywhere... makes an awesome travel game!

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