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Take Me to the Cleaner$

Take Me to the Cleaner$

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Ages 18+        4 - 8 Players

Take Me to the Cleaner$ is a hilarious board game promoting bonding and togetherness between couples.
1 to 4 couples can play this game with each couple playing "directly" and "only" against their own spouse/partner, not other players on the board. There must be one winner from each couple. The men in the game are known as "Tycoons" and the women are known as "Divas. "

Players roll the dice to advance around both sections of the game board. The outer ring is the "reality" portion of the game and there are three repeating squares that require a card draw with different tasks. The center ring is the "fantasy" portion and there you roll the dice to acquire ownership of the 20 "Matrimonial Assets". If you land on your own asset, you're safe. Landing on an unowned asset gives you ownership of that asset. If you land on an asset owned by your partner, you must hand over an asset of their choice.

To win the game, you must be the first player between you and your partner to accumulate the 20 Matrimonial Assets. Winning allows you to choose up to 3 tasks or consequences (from the Oops cards) for your partner to perform in real life the following week!


  • Game Board & Dice
  • Bride and Groom Tokens
  • Matrimonial Asset Cards
  • 65 Busted Cards
  • 65 Tycoon Oops Cards
  • 65 Diva Oops Cards
  • 65 Splitsville Cards
  • Pad of 20 Pledge Sheets
  • Rules and Definitions
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