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Sweet Tarts 4 in a Row

Sweet Tarts 4 in a Row

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Ages 6+       2 Players          10 Min

  • Players try to connect 4 candy shapes in a row and block their opponent from doing the same
  • Helps build hand-eye coordination and strategy skills in children
  • Perfect for the candy-lover, this fun game will put a smile on anyone's face

Connect 4 is a well known vertical game played with "checkers" (it is more akin to Tic Tac Toe or Go Moku).

The board is placed in the stand to hold it vertically and the players drop checkers into one of the 7 slots, each of which holds 6 of the "checker's" men, until one player succeeds in getting 4 in a row--horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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