Force of Will: Starter Deck - Alice Cluster, Machina the Machine Lord

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Pre-Built Deck (51 cards), Quickrules Guide (1), Rulebook (1), Play sheet (1).

Use your judgment ability to lay out all your soldiers and win with one strike!

Fire Deck: Machina, the Machine Lord is one of the five 2nd set starter decks from the Alice Cluster. These decks are designed specifically for players interested in Force of Will.

Comprised of The Seven Kings of the Lands and The Twilight Wanderer cards, these decks will help any beginner jump into the game and join the fight!

No Super Rare or Ruler cards from The Twilight Wanderer are in these decks. Additionally, no exclusive cards from Alice Cluster Starter Deck Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King, are in these decks.

A Ruler Card
A Main Deck of 40 cards
A Magic Stone Deck of 10 cards
All cards are normal type print
A Manual and Playsheet

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