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Star Wars Dice Bags

Star Wars Dice Bags

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Fantasy Flight Supply is committed to providing you the best materials to protect, customize, and enhance your games. To that end, each Star Wars Dice Bag provides a handy, durable, and thematic means to transport your Star Wars game components:

  • Galactic Empire. Order your components as you would order the galaxy. Nothing shall escape your grasp!
  • Stormtrooper. Keep your dice and tokens in a dice bag adorned with the Stormtrooper’s iconic white helmet, and you will always be ready for battle!
  • Boba Fett. You always have a few tricks up your sleeve… and in your dice bag.

Star Wars Dice Bags are all crafted with a durable blend of polyester and nylon, feature a polypropylene draw string, and measure 6.25” by 9” (15.9 cm by 22.9 cm), enough space to carry bundles of dice and large enough for nearly everyone to reach inside with ease. This means each bag nicely performs double duty as a repository not only for your dice and tokens but also for other game components like your X-Wing asteroids and your Star Wars: The Card Game Death Star dial.

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