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Star Trek Attack Wing: R.I.S. PI

Star Trek Attack Wing: R.I.S. PI

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The R.I.S. PI is a Romulan Scout Vessel. This small vessel entered Federation Space on a Covert Mission with a crew of only two passengers. During the mission, the Pi crashed on the planet Galorndon Core. Rather than allowing the ship to be captured, Centurion Bochra destroyed the ship, leaving them stranded on the planet.

The R.I.S. PI gains one shield and a Crew Upgrade slot compared to a generic Romulan Scout Vessel. As a special ability, the Pi may perform a Scan Action as a free action. If you do so, you must place an Auxiliary Power Token beside the ship. The Captain of the Pi is Bochra, who complements his ships special ability. If Bochra is assigned as the captain of a Romulan Science Vessel, if there is a Scan Token beside your ship, during the combat phase roll +1 attack die and +1 defense die.

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