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Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin

Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin

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Ages 7+           2 - 4 Players          15 Min

Tie-in game for the first Spider-Man movie. Players roll a die to move around board collecting power tokens. If they land on a battle square, they draw a battle card and follow the instructions--most, if not all, cards call for one or more power tokens to be discarded. Once a player has a set of all five tokens they may attempt to enter the central track to fight the Green Goblin. This is accomplished by using a special piece of apparatus: the Battle Wall. This consists of a 3-D office building with a spinner attached to the base. The spinner is spun and a button in the center is pressed whenever the player wishes. The button causes either Spider-Man or the Green Goblin to pop out of one side or the other of the building. If Spider-Man comes out, the game is over and that player wins. If the Green Goblin comes out, the player must make one more circuit of the board before they may try again. Youngest player moves first, according to the rules, so perhaps there's a very slight German influence here?

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