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Reeves & Jones

Reeve & Jones: Marble Tilt

Reeve & Jones: Marble Tilt

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  • Portable two-sided maze game
  • Never lose the marble—the board and marble are completely encased in clear plastic
  • Double-sided board features beginner skill levels on one side; a more advanced design on the other
  • Use the handles to turn the board and guide the marble through the maze
  • Great travel toy

This new slant on a much-loved classic game features a maze for beginners on one side and one designed for more advanced skills on the other. Hold the board by its two easy-to-grip handles, then tilt it to make the marble roll through the board’s maze, being careful to steer around the holes. The board is completely encased in clear plastic, so if the marble should drop through a hole, it is easy to maneuver back to the board you are playing on. (This is just one more reason it makes a great travel toy.) A fun way to play, and to promote STEM learnings like cause and effect, force and momentum, and gravity!

For ages 6 and up.

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