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Q-Workshop Advent Dice Calendar

Q-Workshop Advent Dice Calendar

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Christmas is coming! Don't you just love counting down days to Santa's visit? Q WORKSHOP gives you a countdown sweet, but not fattening. Each slot bringing joy and being practical at the same time! Each day-slot hides a special die for you, with a metal bonus at the end! There's even a full set of Santa's Dice in never-seen-before color theme! Enjoy each day with a new die!

Advent Dice Calendar

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Do you hear them? We bet you do now - after all, we’re pretty confident in your vivid and amazing imagination. And even if it’s not the time for them yet - they still bring us joy. It doesn’t matter if it’s deep winter or a really hot summer, the Christmas time is unparalleled to anything else.

We all remember the cardboard tables adorned with Santa, his reindeer and sleigh, Christmas trees and lights, snowflakes, and all the little things that help create the special atmosphere we crave to feel at least once a year. These tables always had 24 small windows, and you were authorized to open only one per day (some of us cheated right there, but shhh - it will remain our secret forever); usually in each one there was a small candy or a chocolate piece, so the countdown was really sweet and rewarding. It’s a shame we’re more or less adults now, right?

Don’t worry! Q WORKSHOP brings you the best way to count down days until Christmas even as an adult: Advent Dice Calendar! Now you can make yourself (or someone else) a gift full of childhood memories, but with a pragmatic touch as well - this advent calendar doesn’t have fattening sweets in its little windows, but instead each and every one of them hides a very special die, brand new and ready to use in your games!

We did our best so the cover and its atmosphere were not only presenting Christmas time but the somewhat twisted RPG art style as well. The Snow Beast is very eager to fulfill  Santa’s Helper mission and deliver the presents to all the nice children! And to all a bit naughty adults too ;) 

Be warned: some of the dice hidden in this Advent Calendar has never seen the light of day (or night) before - you’ll get something really precious and unique when you finish the countdown! 

Can you restrain yourself?

Some of us enjoy the thrill of the waiting and the consecutive discovery of such mysteries. Some of us are more prone to the tension… or simply less patient. It’s up to you if you’ll break it all up at once, or uncover the secret dice step by step, day by day! Let us shine some light on what the Advent Dice Calendar has in store for you.

The unique design — you won’t find a second advent calendar in such a manner. It’s more RPG-style than anything!

Secured top to bottom — so the dice are safe and sound while they await being discovered by your eager eyes...

Countdown as it should be — the closer you are to Christmas, the more wonders you discover!

24 Q WORKSHOP dice — windows are filled with our best quality dice: 23 made from plastic and 1 metal!

A brand new Santa’s Dice Set — in the end, you’ll have the new, exclusive color of this set!

A shiny surprise — the pinnacle of this countdown is a random metal die!

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