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Munchkin Dice Bag

Munchkin Dice Bag

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Ages 10+        3 - 6 Players         90 Min

The Munchkin Dice Bag is a textured nylon/vinyl/plastic dice bag. It's triangular (about 6.5 inches on a side) and is about 2.5 inches thick. On the middle of the right side is a long zipper that opens the bag. It comes in two flavors, tan with brown text and pink with purple text.

The bag has a special rule for use in Munchkin games: "When you take a Munchkin d6 out of the Munchkin Dice Bag and roll it, the Munchkin head counts as a 7, not a 1." This is referring to the special Munchkin d6s that come with Munchkin core sets, and which have a Munchkin Man head in place of the single pip for the "1". (These dice can also be purchased separately.) So while you can use the Munchkin Dice Bag to store a large number of dice, the special rule only applies to the d6s with the Munchkin head

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