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The Flying Games



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Ages 7+            2 Players            15 Min

Deep in the heart of the jungle, the time for succession has come. Two orangutans from the Monki tribe compete to obtain the crown that will allow them to rule the rest of the tribe. Many jars are scattered in the middle of the ruins of an ageless temple, surrounded by old statues. They all contain the precious fruits coveted by our orangutans! The first Monki to collect all the fruits will be the next King of the Jungle!

Monki is a two-player game in which you press your luck as far as you can to collect all the different types of fruits in the temple, particularly the golden fruits! During your turn, you move your Monki figurine in a straight line, then you can collect fruit tokens surrounding it until you stop or you reveal a duplicate (and you bust).

The game ends when a player collects all eight regular fruits — or four golden fruits — thereby winning instantly.

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