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Wyrd Miniatures

Malifaux: Rising Powers

Malifaux: Rising Powers

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2 Players

 Rising Powers adds more options to your scraps and brawls. New strategies and schemes give your crews more to fight over. New masters and minions are added to every faction to expand your crews. C. Hoffman brings his machines to the guild. Collete entertains Malifaux while running soulstones for the Arcanists. Kirai seeks vengeance upon those who have wronged her for the Ressurectionists. The Dreamer and his buddy Lord Chompy Bits bring their might to the Neverborn. Hamelin, changed by the plague, adds more power to the Outcasts. Now, you also have the option to lead your crew with henchmen, slightly weaker models with a narrower unit selection, but ooze in flavor. Ophelia and her ragtag group of gremlins bring even more terror to the bayou. More masters, more minions, more options.

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