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2 - 6 Players          60 Min

From the Greek word Logos, meaning "the word", this game combines elements of a crossword building word game with added dimensions of spelling, defining, synonym and antonym categories. A roll of the die determines which category is played on your turn. For 2-6 players, individually or in teams. The game can easily be adapted to "house rules" so that any level of player can learn and enjoy.

  • Perhaps you can spell the word matrix (n) but can you define it for double point value?
  • What is a good synonym for riddle (n) – how about puzzle (n) for the premium point value?
  • 8 wooden letter tiles to start the common crossword puzzle – you can exchange up to 2 tiles
  • Did you know that a gimlet as a noun is not only a drink but also a tool for cutting? Use lesser known definitions to your advantage when playing and confuse your opponents!!!
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