Laurel & Hardy #1

Laurel & Hardy #1

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The classic comedy duo of Laurel & Hardy will return to comics, thanks to American Mythology Productions. The “Laurel & Hardy” comic will feature art from veteran comic artist, Jorge Pacheco (“Rocky & Bullwinkle”). The first issue will also feature stories written by S. A. Check (“The Three Stooges”) and Jordan Gershowitz (Tom & Jerry). According to a press release from American Mythology, both new stories featured in the book will center on honoring the tone and feel of the original skits made famous by the comedians. The publisher also plans to reprint some of the pair’s past adventures.


Best known for their career during early classical Hollywood, Laurel & Hardy were a comedy duo composed of Stan Laurel, an Englishman, and Oliver Hardy, an American. The pair were known for their brand of slapstick comedy, and are considered by some as a template for modern humor. A biopic, Stan & Ollie, starring Steve Coogan and and John C. Reilly, received a limited release on December 28.

When speaking about the book, Check said, “When I learned American Mythology had a shot at working with Larry Harmon Pictures to bring the comedy of these two larger than life icons back to fans, I was the first in line to have a shot at working on the book.”

“Laurel & Hardy” #1 is slated for release in April of 2019.

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