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Ages 8+                   2 - 4 Players                   20 - 60 Min

his game has completely different rules from the 1995 version, which was reissued in 2017 in a wooden box but with the same old rules. The rules also seem to be different from the 2019 playable prop replica. The focus of the new game is an actual jungle adventure.

The 2021 version has similar wooden box, but the board now has four undifferentiated pathways over a jungle scene with a waterfall and a volcano and other jungle details. The pawns now look like the rhinoceros figure from the original movie. It comes with two regular six-sided dice, four six-sided "challenge dice", 12 life tokens, and a sand timer. When the lid opens the two sides have the same text as the game in the original movie.

It has a deck of 100 "challenge cards" and a green card reader which doesn't work very well. (There's also an electronic version that reads the text.) On the front of the card is a hidden riddle, from which you're supposed to guess one of 20 categories.

On the back of the card is a "challenge". These range from the sort of dice rolling that was used in the old game to physical role-playing activities like jumping across an imagined chasm or racing to the refrigerator to get a piece of fruit and taking a bite before the timer runs out. There are storytelling challenges like imagining there's a lion and telling how you'd get away from it, acting challenges like having the whole group howl like wolves, and trivia questions relating to the jungle.

If you fail a challenge you lose a life token. If any player loses three life tokens the group as a whole loses the game, but players can give their life tokens to another player.

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