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I've Never... The Outrageous Game of Truth

I've Never... The Outrageous Game of Truth

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Ages 21+          2 - 8 Players          60 Min

"I've Never...? The Game of Truth" is an adult party and drinking game similar to Truth or Dare in which people reveal what they have and haven't done in their lives. Players move around the board and perform various actions such as taking drinks, giving drinks, dancing, singing, and spinning in a circle. Players move their pieces by answering "I've never..." cards-- for example, "I've never had sex in a hot tub." If the player answers "true" he or she may be able to move forward or give someone a drink. If "false," the player may have to take a drink or do something silly, such as sing a nursery rhyme.

Game contents include game board, game rules, dice, 8 Playing Pieces, 100 I've Never…? questions (including 10 blank Make Up Your Own cards). This game is intended for people aged 21 and older.

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