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Insta-cure super thin Super Glue 1/2oz by Bob Smith Industries (BSI)

Insta-cure super thin Super Glue 1/2oz by Bob Smith Industries (BSI)

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Small size bottle. This is the watery thin super glue that requires full attention to use. More fluid than water, it will seep everywhere if you are not careful ! This is generally not the glue we use to fix diecast models.

As all of the Bob Smith super glues that we carry, this can be used on diecast models or multi-media model kits. It will bond most plastics, metals,etch parts & resin parts, but full respect must be given as this stuff can flow EVERYWHERE ! We have seen models ruined by inexperience with this glue !

From the Bob Smith website:

 'Insta-Cure™ has a water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a matter of a few seconds. Surfaces to be bonded must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the CA around the edges of the seam. At the moment CAs cure, they give off a vapor that can irritate the nose and eyes, so be prepared.'

Although we do not generally use this glue to fix broken or loose parts on our diecast models, it can be used with proper care. Where capillary action is required to fix the parts, it cannot be beaten. Can be used on the super-thin plastic of vacform models or the bonding surfaces of finely cast resin kits, but you must be skilled in order to do this successfully !

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