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Ice Cream Dice

Ice Cream Dice Merry Critmas! Candy Cane Dice

Ice Cream Dice Merry Critmas! Candy Cane Dice

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Merry Critmas!

To celebrate the season of giving and receiving crits, I've partnered with the elves at Santa's shop to bring you all this gorgeous 11 piece set of Candy Cane dice. Transparent red, glitter-filled layers alternate with opaque white layers and the entire Critmas feel is rounded out with some silver numbers.

A couple of things to note: Some of these dice, most noticeably the D6's, have small dots from where they inject the glitter. This neither impacts balance nor their beauty. The dots are the size of a pin prick and are typically only found on a single face.

No replacement sets will be sent out because of these issues.

The set includes the following:

1 x D4

4 x D6

1 x D8

1 x D10

1 x D%

1 x D12

2 x D20

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