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Hashtag Me!

Hashtag Me!

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Ages 12+         3 - 8 Players        30 - 60 Min

Hashtag Me! is an interactive storytelling game for small to medium groups. Everyone has their favorite stories to tell, but some stories have been buried over years of neglect. It’s time to dust off those old pages and share ‘em. A set of Ninja throwing stars you got for Christmas when you were 12? An excursion into the snowy wastelands in a beat up old car? Tell your stories and other players will interact by hashtagging your story!

Everyone starts with 6 hashtag cards in their hand. Players take turns being the storyteller. The storyteller draws two question cards and chooses which question to tell their story about. Once the story has begun, the rest of the players lay down hashtag cards during the story as they become relevant. At the end of the story, points are awarded and the role of storyteller passes to the next person.

It's a fun party game that's easy to pick up. It’s great for an icebreaker or as a way to get to know your friends and family better.

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