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Flex NBA

Flex NBA

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Ages 6+                     2 Players                 10 - 30 Min

FLEX doesn't change the game - FLEX is the game!

Flex NBA is the very first Battle Tile and Augmented Reality (AR) board game that fuses professional sports with the latest in augmented reality technology. Created in partnership with the NBA and NBPA, FLEX NBA lets fans play as their favorite NBA players, using their FLEX 'superpowers' to take down opponents!

The game comes with 10 NBA player tiles, from which each of the 2 players drafts a team of 5 tiles. Players also have the option to purchase expansion sets that include additional NBA player tiles so that they can build their collections. Players don't need to watch actual NBA games in order to play the game. The game mechanic itself is similar to many other TCG's out there (although because of our NBA license we can't call ourselves a TCG - hence why we refer to ourselves as a BTG - battle tile game).

Once players have assembled their lineups, they then take turns rolling the play action die and taking actions based upon the results of the roll. There are additional status FX tiles that enhance the player's move set and give them various competitive advantages. With many of the moves that a player makes (aka Flexes), they will whittle down the other player's confidence points (health) until the opponent's team is depleted of CP.

The mobile companion app integration serves 2 primary purposes - 1) it is necessary to view the player tiles' AR animations, and 2) it is necessary if players wish to register the unique bar codes on their player tiles to our database and thereby claim ownership (per our NBA license, we cannot use the words NFT or blockchain, but that's what it actually is).

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