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Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Game

Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom Game

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Ages 7+      2 - 4 Players

The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch and The Invisible Woman leap from the Fantastic 4 movie and onto this exciting game of racing, collecting...and capturing.

Choose a Super Hero to be your mover and the adventure begins. Superpowers help players move from place to place quickly! The Thing breaks through walls, Mr. Fantastic "stretches" across several spaces at one time, The Human Torch's flames leap to special spaces and The Invisible Woman moves through three different rooms.

Meanwhile Dr. Doom does his best to stop you from finding him and anytime you lose a battle with him, you're sent into exile until your nest turn.

Be the first player to uncover Dr. Doom's hideout and win.

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