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Wizards of the Coast

Dreamblade (OOP)

Dreamblade (OOP)

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Ages 13+        2 Players      60 Min

From the publishers website:

In the near future, specially trained psychics called dream lords venture deep into the dreamscape. Here they explore a shifting landscape of ancient archetypes, modern terrors, and mismatched elements of the waking world. This is the shared unconsciousness of humanity, the boundless well of hopes and fears that makes us human. The reality they create in this timeless realm reverberates through the minds of dreamers everywhere. Some dream lords seek to protect it, others to dominate it, and others to destroy it.

The Dreamblade collectible miniatures game allows you to project your mind into the dreamscape and wage war against an endless sea of rivals. Draw upon psychic energies to create formidable creatures that you control in battle. Confront your opponents, destroy their creations and drive them from the dreamscape!

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