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Ages 7+          2 - 10 Players              10 Min

Shake the 6 colored "cubes" in the shaker cup to get one of many possible combinations of numbers! Your roll determines if you'll add or subtract chips from the pot. Chips are worth points.The player with the highest number of points is the winner! It's FUN...It's FAST...It's CUBES!

Before play begins, each player puts 5 points of chips into the pot. Any player may now start the game. The first player shakes and rolls the cubes from the shaker cup. The player will either add or remove points from the pot depending on the cube combination rolled.

Play moves clockwise to the next player, who repeats the process of shaking cubes and either adding or removing points from the pot.

One game consists of 3 sets.

The first time a player does not have enough points to pay the pot, the set has ended. That player puts all his/her remaining chips into the pot and receives a "0" for a score. All remaining players total their points and write those totals on the scorecard and a new set is started. After the third set is completed, the player with the highest total points of all 3 sets is the winner.

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