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Terrain Crate Environment Miniatures Dungeon Depths 73pcs

Terrain Crate Environment Miniatures Dungeon Depths 73pcs

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The scale is 28-30mm, making them perfect for many fantasy and historical games. 

Bring your tabletop to life! This epic set contains more than 70 pieces of scenery to customize your fantasy dungeons. Whether you want to build a dank and dark torture room or a glittering hoard of treasure, the Dungeon Depths set includes everything you need.

This crate bundle includes a varied array of scenery pieces designed for use in your own tabletop role-playing games!


  • This set contains 73 pre-coloured pieces of plastic terrain, including:

    1 Brown Cabinet
    2 Brown Candlesticks
    2 Brown Piles of Books
    1 Brown Parchment
    1 Brown set of Candles
    1 Brown set of Potions
    1 Brown Ladder
    1 Brown Desk
    1 Brown Comfy Chair
    1 Brown Mirror
    1 Brown Orrery
    1 Brown Owl on perch
    1 Brown Scrying Pool
    1 Brown Wooden Round Table
    2 Brown Wooden Rectangular Tables
    2 Brown Wooden Chairs
    2 Brown Wooden Stools
    2 Brown Wooden Benches
    2 Brown Debris Barricades
    2 Brown Piles of Debris
    2 Brown Skulls
    2 Brown Braziers
    2 Brown Wall Mirrors
    1 Brown set of Tankards
    1 Brown set of Bowls
    1 Brown Rat
    1 Brown Rat Swarm
    1 Brown Lever
    1 Brown Trapdoor
    1 Brown Blade Trap
    1 Brown Posion Gas Trap
    1 Brown Spike Trap
    1 Brown Ladder
    1 Brown Carpet
    1 Brown Tapestry
    2 Brown Fancy Chairs
    1 Brown set of Barrels
    1 Brown Pile of Crates
    1 Brown Pile of Logs
    1 Brown Crate
    1 Brown Coffin with removable lid
    1 Brown Iron Maiden/Sarcophogus
    1 Brown Skeleton
    1 Brown Mummy
    1 Brown Torture Rack
    1 Brown Torture Table
    1 Brown Surgical Tray Table
    1 Gold Plinth
    1 Gold Crown
    1 Gold Goblet/Plate
    1 Gold Sword in Stone
    1 Gold Pile of Chests
    1 Gold Pile of Armour and Weapons
    2 Small Gold Piles of Treasure
    2 Large Gold Piles of Treasure
    1 Gold Coin Pouch

    Supplied assembled and unpainted. Miniatures shown for scale purposes only and are not included.
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