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Plast Craft

Plast Craft Games - Three storey Venetian Building

Plast Craft Games - Three storey Venetian Building

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Venetian style building designed for Carnevale game tables. Big building with a wide facade to make it easier for the miniatures to be moved throughout the walls.

More info:

Pre-cut scenery at a 28mm scale designed for Carnevale game tables or any other wargames of Venetian inspiration.

The three storey Venetian building is designed to be part of Carnevale game tables. Big building complemented with resin accessories and a beamed roof. It is presented in 3 pre-cut PVC sheets with the pattern of all the elements which form the piece. Resin doors and windows are also included. For the assembly, the user will have to cut out the pieces from the pre-cut sheet with a cutter or scalpel.

The pack contains:

3 pre-cut PVC sheets.

1 resin door

1 double resin window

4 windows with resin arches

1 simple resin windows

2 small resin windows

The article is not assembled or painted. Assembly instructions are included.

Miniature not included.

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