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Plast Craft

Plast Craft Games - Pagoda

Plast Craft Games - Pagoda

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Pre-cut building with resin doors and windows. A Pagoda is one of the most distinctive Feudal Japanese architectural construction. Multistory tower usually erected as a memorial or shrine.

More info:

Designed for Kensei gaming tables or any other 28/30mm scale war game based on Japanese feudalism.

Before assembling the Pagoda you will need to cut the connections that fix the different pieces to the PVC sheet.

The properties of the foamed PVC sheet allows you to easily simulate wooden texture.

Size: length 250mm width: 250mm height:290mm

The product contains:

6 pre-cut 2 mm foamed PVC sheets.

1 regular resin door.

6 resin sliding doors.

12 Cut-to-size corrugated cardboard sheets.

Tools needed for assembly:

-Cutter o scalpel.

-Cyanocrylate glue or similar.

-Texturing tool (Optional)

It can be painted with acrylic paint.

This product is delivered unassembled and unpainted.

It does not include the miniature.

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