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Plast Craft

Plast Craft Games - Small Palace

Plast Craft Games - Small Palace

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Kingdom of God's Small Palace. Its characteristic curved facade and its notable size, will make this element the main building of a gaming table or diorama. Fantasy aesthetic palace ideal for Nemesis gaming tables or any other fantasy 28-30mm miniature war game.

More info:

The Small Palace is designed for Nemesis gaming tables or any other fantasy aesthetic 28-30mm miniature war game.

The kit contains 3 Pre-Cut PVC sheets with all the different parts.

Before assembling the Bird Houses you will need to cut the connections that fix the different pieces to the PVC sheet.

The product also contains 2 resin doors.Size:

length: 140mm width: 204mm height:204mm

The properties of the foamed PVC sheet allows you to easily simulate wooden texture.

The product contains:

3 Pre-Cut PVC sheets.

2 Resin doors.

Assembly instructions.

Tools needed for assembly:

-Cutter o scalpel.

-Cyanocrylate glue or similar.

-Texturing tool (Optional)

It can be painted with acrylic paint.

This product is delivered unassembled and unpainted.

It does not include the miniature.

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