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Game of Thrones Jaeherys Dragon Coin

Game of Thrones Jaeherys Dragon Coin

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"The Old King"

  • solid red-brass
  • 1.15" coin

Grandson of Aegon I, Jaehaerys ruled from 48 AC to 103 AC. His reign of 55 years was the longest of any Targaryen, lending him the name The Old King. With his wife Good Queen Alysanne, he established a time of great peace and prosperity in the realm. His dragon Vermithor is seen on the reverse. When struck in gold, the Dragon denomination is worth 11,760 copper Pennies.

Coins are struck one at a time in the USA using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. A colorful description is included with history and facts about the coin.

Note—Each order comes packed with a handwritten envelope straight from Shire Post Mint. We will make this out to whomever is on the SHIPPING ADDRESS. If you are giving this as a gift and would like a different name on the envelope, please include the recipient's name in the Special Instructions field as you complete your order.

Officially licensed A Song of Ice and Fire merchandise © George R. R. Martin. All rights reserved.
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