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Catch Phrase: Uncensored

Catch Phrase: Uncensored

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Ages 18+    4 Players      5 -10 Min

It's the Grab It, Guess It, Pass It Game…with no filter! This edition of the electronic Catch Phrase game is for adults only! Gather your friends together, choose, teams, and try to get your teammates to say the displayed phrase or word by giving them clues. There are plenty of categories to choose from including Entertained, Pick Me, Things and Stuff, World Wide What, and You Never Know. Some phrases are not suitable for work, and others are just off-the-wall such as ""pee in the pool"", ""silent but deadly"", and ""wrecking ball"". Don't get caught holding the unit when the buzzer goes off because the other team will score a point. The first team to reach 7 points wins.

• Includes game unit and instructions.

• Electronic Catch Phrase game challenges teams to guess adult words and phrases
• 5,000 adult words and phrases
• Timer keeps track and buzzes when a team's out of time
• Word and scores of each team appear in the display area


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