Breakaway Rider

Breakaway Rider

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Ages 8+        2 - 6 Players           20 Min

Simple card game of cycle racing. Players fight to hold the yellow jersey when the race ends.

Players are dealt 6 cards and draw a 7th before playing a pace card, and any additional modifiers. There are 84 pace cards numbered between 39 and 50, Spurts (which add 2 to your pace), Headwind (which subtract -2 from your pace) and Mountains (which ensure that no one can take the lead from the current player).

One player starts as the race leader with a yellow token, and plays a speed card. Successive players must match the leader's pace to stay in the Peleton (the race pack), and each enjoys a +2 to their pace card simulating the benefit of decreased wind resistance. If a player falls more than 2 behind the pack, than they draw chips (representing minutes) equal to the difference from their card and the race pace. If a player starts his turn not in the Peleton, than he does not get the +2 slipstream bonus.

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