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Bear Down!

Bear Down!

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Ages 6+         2 - 4 players        20 Min

When the salmon leap up the waterfalls as they hike upriver, the Grizzly family is overjoyed!

Players play bears whose role is to catch more salmon than your fellow players. There are most of them at the edge of the waterfall. But beware: That's where it is the slipperiest!

How to play Grizzly:

  • Each player starts with his bear on the Bear Rock. There are already salmon in the gullies.
  • At the start of each turn, the starting player rolls all dice. Depending on the result, the water moves in the river or salmon jump up the waterfall.
  • Afterwards, all players, beginning with the starting player in turn, move their bears. If you land on a field with salmon, collect it under your bear.
  • When the players and their bear return to the Bear Rock, secure the salmon they collect before heading back to the river.
  • If a bear is too close to the edge of the waterfall and the water moves in the gutter, the bear slides down and loses its collected salmon, which he has not yet brought back to Bear Rock. He starts again from the bear rock.
  • The game ends when enough water has flowed down the river or all salmon have been collected down the waterfall. Whoever has collected the most salmon wins.
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