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Ages 8+              2 Players

Battleship was released in 1931 although it does have some links to L’Attaque which was played during the First World War. It was designed by Clifford Von Wickler and is a game that can only be played by 2 players aged 8 and over.

It’s a game of guess work and deduction that is considered to be more suitable for the younger audience.

Who’s it best suited for?

This is a great game for children (ages 8+) to enjoy as it is based on both guesswork and a tactical approach to eventually work out where the ships are located. Therefore, once children begin to play the game and hit targets, they have to take a methodical approach to how the game is played as well as work out the overall position of the ships.

Skill – Complexity

The game is very easy to play and does not require players to have any knowledge or real skill.

In the beginning, it involves guessing the target but as the game moves on, players then have to identify where opponents ships are located in order to hit them.

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