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2021-22 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Cards (Blaster)

2021-22 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Cards (Blaster)

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ox Configuration

  • 8 packs + 1 bonus pack per box, 8 cards per pack


  • Look for cards from the Blaster-exclusive Yellow Border Parallel of all Tallboys cards!
  • Lucky collectors will find a rare OPC Rookie Phenoms Complete Set Redemption card!
  • Keep an eye out for a variety of SP’s!
  • Sporting a robust 600-card Base Set, O-Pee-Chee perennially features the most comprehensive single-season Hobby set in hockey. The Base Set includes a 100-card high-series subset featuring Marquee Rookies (35), Rookie Season Reviews (15), Team Checklists (31), League Leaders (9) and Season Highlights (10).

    Look for Blue Border and Red Border parallels, as well as a Retro Variation of the entire Base Set! Collect five Retro Variation cards per box, on average.

    Collect distinctive O-Pee-Chee Premier Tallboys cards! This special insert set features the best players in the game today, SP 2021-22 rookies and SSP 2020-21 rookie updates on mini (2” x 3.5”) cards.

    Lucky collectors will find a super rare O-Pee-Chee Rookie Phenoms Complete Set Redemption card which can be redeemed for the complete nine-card O-Pee-Chee Rookie Phenoms set featuring the nine best 2021-22 rookies!

    2021-22 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Cards Blaster Breakdown*

    O-Pee-Chee Premier Tallboys

    Regular - 1:10

    Regular - Yellow Border Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:4                 

    SP’s (Rookies) - 1:104

    SP’s - Yellow Border Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:39

    SSP’s (Rookie Updates) - 1:70

    SSP’s - Yellow Border Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:26


    Rare Chase Cards

    OPC Rookie Phenoms Complete Set Redemption - 1:43200


    Base Set Parallels & Variations

    Blue Border Parallel - 1:6

    Red Border Parallel - 1:36

    Retro Variation - 1:2


    Base Set

    Regular Cards (1-500) - N/A

    Marquee Rookies (501-535) - 1:2 for the entire subset (501-600)

    Rookie Season Review (536-550)- 1:2 for the entire subset (501-600)

     Team Checklists (551-581)- 1:2 for the entire subset (501-600)

    League Leaders (582-590)- 1:2 for the entire subset (501-600)

    Season Highlights (591-600)- 1:2 for the entire subset (501-600)


    *Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case.

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