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Master Pieces

1000 Piece MasterPieces Roll-Up Puzzle Mat

1000 Piece MasterPieces Roll-Up Puzzle Mat

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Up Your Gift Game

Trust us: this 1000-Piece Roll-Up Puzzle Mat is the perfect gift for the puzzle lover in your life. Figuring out where to lay out a new puzzle can be daunting. But now they can take their time placing each piece, and still have room on the dining room table to host family dinners. It's a total space-saving game-changer!

Items Included
  • 3 Straps
  • 1 Mat
  • 1 Telescoping Tube
Product Highlights
  • Place the mat down and build your puzzle
  • Assemble the cardboard, roll it up and store
  • 36" x 30"
  • Holds up to 1,000 pieces
  • Ages 13+
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