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Ogre Kindgom Leadbelchers miniature

Ogre Kindgom Leadbelchers miniature

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Leadbelchers are generally regarded as unhinged by most other Ogres, but also highly entertaining. They are obsessed with destruction and noise, and arm themselves with great portable black powder weapons called Leadbelcher cannons. To the casual observer, these cannons can often look suspiciously like human or Dwarf designs, though no one has ever really come close enough to get a proper look. Before battle, Leadbelchers fill their cannon's barrel with crude black powder, metal shot, rusty nails, an assortment of wickedly bladed weapons and even the occasional cannon ball. Suffice to say, their approach to warfare is unsubtle, though entirely effective. If a volley of fast-moving, sharp missiles doesn't kill their foe, then a quick beating with a heavy cannon should finish the job.

This multi-part plastic set contains 107 components with which to build four Ogre Leadbelchers. The set comes with plenty of optional extras including powder Gnoblars and plenty of spiky ammunition to ram into the cannons. These models are supplied with four 40mm square bases

All figures come unassembled and unpainted unless specified otherwise.

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